EXIM on debian

My lord, what a monstrous pain in the arse. After an afternoon of faffing, I’ve finally got it recieving mails on a STARTTLS connection, but will it send them? Will it buggery. Just keep getting

550 Relay Not Permitted

Clearly there’s something skewiff here,  but thanks to DebConf abstracting shit away, it’s a right bugger to troubleshoot.

Google is fucking useless. ‘Oh, you’ve just misconfigured the permitted relays in the debconf thing, put the local IP of the ser-‘ no, it’s on the internet, son. Does no-one run EXIM in the wild or have I missed something quite staggeringly obvious?

It’s not like I can VPN my mobile to the server FFS…

2 thoughts on “EXIM on debian”

  1. You’ve forgotten to tell it what domain it can relay for. It either has to recognise the sending or receiving domain. Bellend.

    1. It relays for nothing but itself when it’s given authorisation – the problem I had was that authorisation wasn’t set up correctly because I’m a belle..oh, you beat me to it! 😉

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