Driving to Manchester

It’s a special kind of hell. Like where they send child molestors. And people who talk in the cinema.

Dear christ, those people who designed the Manchester Rings – inner and outer – you are monsters.

I’m training it next time.

Windows 10, then?

Windows 10




So far, so as expected – the start menu has been rejigged, and it’s there by default at this stage. If you like ModernUI you can turn that back on instead (you sick fuck) but frankly, it’s Windows 8.1 with a mild UI and usability reskin at this stage.

As I recall it’s NT 6.4, so how they justify a naming convention jump (Windows 8 to Windows 10) I have no idea, but I suspect they are just trying to distance themselves from the horror (…the horror) that was Windows 8.

It’s worth noting, however, that all this Modern UI stuff actually works pretty nicely in Server 2012; rather than go through three levels of nested menus to get to Active Directory Users And Computers, you can just type <WINKEY> –> activ –> <enter> and you’re in ADUC. Otherwise it’s Windows Server as per normal.


Nothing wrong with that, frankly.

So, we’ll see how Win 10 progresses – I’m not expecting much to change though.

I’ll use it more once Virtualbox Guest Support is available – it’s a bit of a chore at the moment as it won’t integrate the GPU drivers so you don’t get the nice resolution rescale, or accelerated 2D/3D graphics, etc…which make testing less of a faff.


Doing it wrong, every day?

Yup. In my efforts to set up  a backup of this site to another server, I think I managed to accidentally tar the contents of the site into index.php by getting the locations the wrong way around.

Which would explain why index.php became a 1MB file full of gibberish.

Thankfully I did get  a backup to run (just need to automate that fucker now) so I rsync’d the index file across from the backup over SSH, restart nginx and vanishd, and bosh – I’m back, you mewling fucktards.

So, doing it wrong, every day. And learning how it can go wrong is about 75% of the process of fixing it. So I class that as a positive learning experience.

Slowly working it out

So, I’ve found myself to be on the Windows support list – that’s good, something productive I can do while learning the rest of the infrastructure.

Thankfully, the infrastructure is slowly filtering into my head – I’m starting to see the logic flow of how everything fits together in a fuzzy, vague way – this is good. For example, today I managed to almost entirely remember the procedure for modifying storage on a virtual host. Not bad given that I’ve only done it once before, but I’m seeing commonalities in the platforms and how they’re managed now – so it’s getting a bit easier.

So hopefully in a few weeks I can be left to my own devices and get cracking with just plain old firing up the grey cells I haven’t used in a long time for general linux support and admin – shell scripts, log locations, piping commands together, etc. Which is easy enough and is all eminently google-able when you know what you’re looking for and how to interpret it correctly.

I’m not even minding the commute – in fact, it’s good decompression time from waking up/finishing work.

So far, so good. Rather enjoying myself.