Small updates

So what’s been going on then?

Well, I’m getting more used to the internal systems. I’ve found a way to make our VM clients boot from a recovery image for backup recoveyr purposes – IE attach cheap archive storage to a the VM instance, use that as hot, local backup space – then you can boot from a recovery CD image to rebuild the machine. Working on getting that working with netboot/pxe.

I’ve replaced the alternator on the car myself, and had my tame mechanic replace my starter. Fine.

On first line this week coming – this aught to be a baptism of fire in terms of learning how the phones work etc.

So busy busy. Also found Linux Outlaws again. I used to rather enjoy making Fab snort beer through his nose via IRC interaction during the ‘live taping’ of the show. Looking forward to getting back to that again.

So all good in the hood, as it were.

I’m not managing to swear very much on here lately. Fuckity twat!