Cars. Fucking cars.


Looks like 1000 miles a month is taking it’s toll on the car. In the last few months it’s had niggles – bushes needing changing, alternator packing up, starter dying, etc. This week, it refuses to make any power above about 2000rpm and will barely reach 60. Sounds like the exhaust is blowing a bit and there’s a funny whoosh noise from under it.

Cat has been dropped, and doesn’t appear problematic on initial inspection, but then there is an L-shaped pipe on it so you can’t see the back of it. So it might be blocked. Can only tell when the new cat goes on tomorrow.

What if it’s still buggered? Cam timing, oil pressure, coil pack, fuelling…there’s a dozen causes. All of which take time to diagnose.

All the while, I can’t get to work (although I’ve borrowed a car for tomorrow, handily). This is frustrating on multiple levels.

Really need to move closer to the office – at least then the train or bus won’t be a two hour drag.

Oh, and the MOT is due this month. Joy!