Life update

So, some quick updates.

Had some good times with a psychologist, pulling apart my thought processes and making them less stupid. That seems to have worked pretty well.

Got me a job. I’m going to be looking after the infrastructure of a company who’s multimillion pound income is dependant on their IT gear. So, you know, no pressure. That said, 18 months ago I’d never worked in Linux, and I managed that pretty easily, so how hard can it be?

Anyway, I’ll be moving closer to work at some point too, as work is 70 miles away. I’m a glutton for punishment, but I’m not a sadist.

I’ll likely expand upon my previous employment experience – which was horrific –  the hosts of which will likely remain anonymous (although this is dependant upon how drunk I am and how many fucks I give at the time of posting) but it might be a good guide for anyone who thinks working in a ‘startup environment’ lead by personalities etc is a good idea. ProTip – it’s really not, and HR knowledge is a good thing for a reason.

I’ll also not be spending as much time as I’d like in my local vape shop, which is a shame as we have a true ‘care in the community’ vibe in there, helping people sort out their discrepancies in life (including my own) and I’ll miss talking people through their problems over a coffee and a vape.

I may also have a rant about the fucking idiocy kicking off in public health regarding vaping that has been evident lately; I’ve been pretty deep in the advocacy movement of late (and I intend to remain as such, although obviously timing pressures will affect this) to the extent where a large org who deal with such matters offered to help me get to the Global Forum on Nicotine, a pretty extensive harm reduction conference in Warsaw – but which I coudn’t take up due to the fact that I was interviewing for this job that I got. It’s also been suggested that I write an article for a large rag with interests in these matters, I seem to get far too many ‘Likes’ and retweets on these matters etc. Perhaps I should set time aside for these things.

Anyway, I’ll expand on most, if not all, of the above once I’m settled in at my new job, etc.

Otherwise, I’m carrying on carrying on.

Keep it stealthy, you monsters.

Steven R