Progress of sorts

Well, I now have  a flat in Pudsey. And I’ve now got a strong handle on my new hosts IT infrastructure.

I’ve also finally had the time to really start getting into MySQL. Last time I looked at it, I didn’t really get a chance to properly dig into it. Last week I got delayed replication working in my test environment.

Money is tight, but not too tight (thankfully). Should be better once I sort out various bills and things that slipped when I was out of work.

Puma is a bit flaky, but again, once bills are sorted, I’ll get it sorted.

Computer PSU has popped, so once bills are sorted, add that to the list, too.

Lots going on at work at the moment – got core switch upgrade and new core hardware install (the hardware that makes the company money) so, er, no pressure.

Things will hopefully calm down before Christmas and I can get properly back into talking crap, advocating for tobacco harm reduction, dicking with cars and generally getting my life back on track.

Still got a yacht for sale if anyone wants it, by the way….

Get fucked,
Steven R

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