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So, why am I doing this whole linux thing?
Well, it started with an operating system – Linux – which is a free and open source operating system kernel (the core part) that has, over the last twenty years, been voluntarily made feature complete by the people who know best how to do that – skilled, dedicated users and developers; people who eat their own dog food, as it were.

I’ve been doing Windows tech support from Windows CE/Mobile/Phone through to Server 2012 R2 for nearly twenty years in some form or another, and I’ve watched Windows and it’s application base go from a good, if buggy but generally ‘good enough’ OS with reasonable support of the userbase (especially at the low level – home users and SMBs) turn into a horrible, horrible mess – simply ask any normal user their opinion of Windows 8 and you’ll get an idea why; MS simply don’t care about the average user any more, period. This goes all the way through their organisation, from ‘cloud oriented’ Windows Server, which is less and less suited to small businesses (and is useless for the cloud, as can clearly be seen by the fact that their own Windows Server based cloud, Azure, barely goes three months without a global outage) and their licensing practises – such as Office 2013 requiring an online account to register, and then being locked to that machine for life.

Buy Office 2013 for an older machine, replace it the next year, you can’t install Office on another one – not easily.

And don’t bother trying to activate more than five copies of Office a day – you can only register five or so Live accounts from one IP address at any one time. Don’t have enough scale to justify volume licensing? Tough. Why? Because fuck you we say so, that’s why, you worm.

So, I’ve been using Linux at home for the last, oh, eight years – yes, it’s Ubuntu, which an ancient african word for ‘can’t use debian’ (the distribution Ubuntu is based on) but it’s still good enough to make me comfortable doing some general troubleshooting using tail on logs, apt-get/dpkg-reconfigure, general command line stuff, etc. Basically, I know how not to break most stuff, and I can fix quite a few bits off my own back, and it’s quite enjoyable to do – most config stuff is pretty human readable, well documented and generally straightforward to work on. Most….

After the last two years of literally hating dealing with MS products, a colleague left our workplace to work at a datacentre that is almost entirely comprised of Linux and FLOSS toolsets, and he reported back that he was really rather enjoying himself, and suggested that if I was interested in stepping sideways, it’d be worth speaking to the MD – so I dropped him an email, had a chat, had an interview, and started working there this week.

So this site will initially be filled up with my brief – and often sweary – thoughts – on Learning Linux The Hard Way, and no doubt will later expand into more effusive concepts of general computer stuff, tech news, etc.

I may also post about my car, which is awesume when it’s not threatening to go and crap itself, which would be unfortunate given I have a 40 mile trip to work every day.

So there you go. Don’t like it?

Fuck off then, and don’t let the metaphorical door smash your coccyx on the way out, cunto.


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